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Rest – Recover – Recharge

In order to maximize your potential, it’s important to dedicate time to rest and recover. While paying attention to stretching, nutrition and sleep is instrumental in maintaining a healthy platform, they are often a second priority. Often, patients and athletes are left vulnerable to injury due to neglecting their bodies and not dedicating enough time for rest and other recovery techniques. Recharge recovery is geared to soothe and refresh the body to perform to its optimal level!

As an Occupational Therapist I refer many patients to Physical Therapy. I am able to depend on BOLT PT to help patients achieve maximum results. I can trust that they will be taken care of from the best. My patients are always impressed with the care they receive from BOLT.


Dr. Justin-JD Dages will not only fix your “fitness crimes” (injuries) he will prescribe the adequate “busy work “ (corrective exercises) to make the best, strongest you regardless of the “stage of your game” (age) Highly recommend !!


Professional, consistent, and knowledgeable. Recovered from a total achilles repair surgery here.